January 21, 2019

I don't even know where to begin for this last week. We are so freaking busy all of the dang time!!!!

Basically Valitati just teaches all day and I still just sound like a eejit when trying to speak Portuguese with people for fun.

But my finding has been improving. Basically I just want to make everyone smile after they talk to me. So I ask people random questions like who is your favorite jedi/ wizard/ celebrity... whatever. Just to get people to actually stop, chat and laugh because they all know we ask the same 2 questions over and over again. What makes you happy or What's the best thing about Dublin?

Wednesday I was on exchanges with an Elder from Portugal. He's a really sweet kid, very simple and pure. All day we were on the streets talking to people. Good thing the weather wasn't too bad but oh my goodness it was hard. But we did it all day. Which I'm happy because I feel like since we did GQ for 8 hours we were blessed because of our efforts.

After exchanges both of us found and taught more people in our areas. I even taught some lessons on my own to people that actually spoke english! Crazy stuff.

I also have an ingrown toe nail that is pretty painful. Last night I just lifted the nail out of the skin and trimmed off the parts that were growing weird. It hurt. But not the first time I've bled a colorful arrangement of body fluids everywhere. It doing better now but healing.

Uhhh... I'm so busy right now the days are going faster than they ever have before. This week we have more exchanges and more crap to do.

Oh yeah! Sunday the branch president from Galway came to see me in Dublin. I was so happy to see him :) He's the coolest. Then after church we had another baptism.

Her name is Lupita, she's from Mexico and yup... She was taught for about a month? She's cool and pretty solid.

Love you

Elder Erik Orchard