February 25, 2019

This week was pretty long...

Last Monday the zone came to Limerick for a p-day. The day before we heard about being able to skype our families on p-day. So that kind of put a dent in the day because all of the sisters just dipped out of the activities we planned and skyped their families all day. It all turned out fine though because all of the Elders just played sports for the day. Then in the evening we had a leadership meeting with the other District Leaders in the zone. The two other district leaders are good friends of mine and Petersons so after the meeting the four of us got pizza and shamrock shakes then we chilled out for the night.

Tuesday we had a meeting with the whole zone to share goals and basically our vision of what we know Limerick Zone can achieve. It was pretty good, since I've served in all of the big areas in this zone I've learned each areas potential very well.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday we proselyted and taught, good fun. We should be baptising in a few weeks.

Thursday we had conference. It was a pretty good conference. Elder Valiati bore his outgoing testimony as well. It was really good, I really love him. He is a very good missionary and man. After singing the mission song, everyone sits back in their seat and prays or ponders or just whatever. Usually I listen to whats being played on the piano for a second, then I say a prayer. This time though, I really did something different. Instead, I sat down and began reflecting on my mission experience. Every area, companion, hardship and blessing has been shaped for me. I realized that I truly love the time that I've had to be an instrument in the Lords hands over these past 2 years. I know that all of the things given me are from the Lord, and they are there for my benefit. As I reflected upon these things, I felt the most powerful feeling of love I've ever felt. For just a glimpse of a second or two I truly felt the saviors love for me. Every hair on my head had been felt and every particle in my spirit and body were filled with His love. I know in all of my heart that Jesus Christ, the son of the Father. Does love his children. He loves me, and He loves you.

We had the weekend to proselyte more and have our interviews with President, mine was really good. :)

Love you,
Stay safe,
See you in 15 weeks.

Elder Erik Orchard