March 4, 2019

This week was so goood

So Cork usually doesn't pull big numbers or get a lot of people to teach but this week Elder Peterson and I smashed it. We taught so many people and put more people on date. We even brought 7 investigators to church. It was a big miracle week for sure. The rest of the zone did really good as well, this week was the best of the year so far. I hope to keep it consistently where we are now.

That's pretty much it from our week though... not much.

We and the rest of the zone will have some baptisms at the end of this month though so I think we are doing good.

There is some dude here that returned from his mission right before I got here and we have been hanging out with him quite a bit. He's 25, a convert, he served his mission in South Africa and was an Assistant to the President. We give him crap for being AP all of the time but he thinks it is just funny. He's a legend though, right now he is pretty much giving us the rest of his family and friends to teach and hopefully baptise. He is still a missionary it's pretty cool to see to be honest.

I also had to buy a new back pack, my last one was destroyed and smelled terrible.

All of this last weekend it rained non stop. All day and night just hard fat rain. Naturally we were drenched at the end of each day and my scriptures even got a bit damaged. That's alright though, it just makes me look like a cooler missionary - just kidding. They are okay now though, I might have to try and fix the binding with some super glue or something but all is well.

Love you :)

Elder Erik Orchard